Contract Advice

Starting a business or a business project? Hiring an employee? Staring at a lengthy, confusing, and sometimes intimidating contract while being pressured to sign? King, Love & Hupfer has a wealth of knowledge and experience to call upon in assisting you in a wide variety of contract matters. Our attorneys can help you draft a contract that provides you and your business with legal protections, or can simply help you understand contract you are being asked to sign and advise you on the best way to proceed

Contract Preparation

King, Love & Hupfer has the experience and knowledge to assist you with drafting and understanding contracts and agreements in such areas as:

  • Medical, doctor, or dental provider agreements
  • Employment contracts and severance agreements
  • Commercial transactions
  • Real estate and commercial development
  • Production contracts
  • Copyright agreements
  • Construction contracts
  • Form contracts
  • Residential and commercial lease agreements

Rather than attempting to create your own contract, contact one of our experienced contract law attorneys to help you create a contract tailored to your or your business’s needs.


Client Focused


Learn more about how our team of talented attorneys can provide counsel in a variety of legal matters and procedures, such as starting a new business or criminal defense for state or federal charges. Explore our practice areas listed below, or contact our office to schedule a consultation and discuss your case.
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