Contract Advice

Clients often find themselves staring at a lengthy and sometimes intimidating contract while being asked to sign without much information as to the terms and conditions of the agreement. There is no need to commit yourself without first being aware of the potential benefits and consequences of the contract or agreement. King & Love Law Firm has a wealth of knowledge and experience to call upon in assisting you in a wide variety of contract matters. Our attorneys can help you make sense of the contract in question and can advise you on the best way to proceed.

Contract Preparation

Perhaps you find yourself needing to hire agents, contractors, sub-contractors, employees or independent contractors, and you require an appropriate contract or agreement to govern the relationship. King & Love Law Firm, has the experience and knowledge to assist you with contracts and agreements in such areas as:

  • Medical or doctor contracts (dental provider agreements and medical provider agreements)
  • Commercial contracts or agreements
  • Developer and development contracts or agreements
  • Production contracts or agreements
  • Copyright agreements or contracts
  • Construction contracts
  • Form contracts for employers.

Rather than attempting to create your own contract, contact one of our experienced contract law attorneys to help you create a contract within the scope of the law of which you are dealing.

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