Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is the process of resolving existing or potential disputes or claims through methods other than traditional litigation and trial, including mediation, arbitration (binding or non-binding), moderated settlement conferences, summary trials and the like. In our increasingly litigious society, businesses and individuals are turning to ADR for potential relief from the significant financial and emotional costs and uncertainty of litigation.

Many courts view ADR as a cost-effective way to resolve disputes amicably and to aid in alleviating the burdens on the judicial system cause by an ever-growing caseload. All civil cases filed in South Carolina’s state courts and most filed in federal court are required to submit to mediation prior to proceeding to trial.

The attorneys of King, Love, Hupfer & Nance possess a wealth of experience in all forms of ADR, whether serving as advocates for participants to the ADR proceeding or acting as the neutral person assisting the parties to the ADR proceeding with reaching a resolution.

As a certified civil mediator by the South Carolina Bar and by the United States District Court for the District of South Carolina, Rob King serves as a neutral who works between parties to a dispute to resolve matters in various areas of law. Those areas include cases involving personal injury and insurance cases and claims, business, commercial and corporate disputes, governmental, constitutional and civil rights cases, banking matters, property damage claims, agricultural claims, and contract matters.

Additionally, all of our attorneys have counseled thousands of individuals and businesses through the ADR process successfully in a wide variety of cases and claims. We view ADR as a viable and powerful alternative to litigation, and recognize that ADR provides the parties to a dispute with the freedom and flexibility to craft individualized and often creative solutions which meet the parties' needs in a very cost-effective manner.

While litigation cannot always be avoided, our attorneys will utilize their vast experience, knowledge, and strategic analytical capabilities to assist you with evaluating your case or claim, assessing your potential risks and cost exposure, and developing possible alternative resolutions that are best suited for your needs.

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