Agricultural Law

There aren't many people in America that work as hard as the farmer. It takes a unique combination of work ethic, perseverance, ingenuity, time management, and optimism to be successful in agriculture. Farmers work hard every day to nurture livestock and grow fruits and vegetables to feed communities and raise crops that will be used for manufacturing clothing and other products, all while battling disease, insects, animals, and bad weather.

A bad season can be disastrous, and it is even more devastating when farmers do everything right, but the seeds, fertilizer, pesticide and herbicide, or equipment used were defective. To make matters worse, when farmers try to make claims through their insurance to offset the loss, claims can be disputed with companies delaying or refusing to provide deserved compensation.

Agricultural law is an evolving area thanks to greater focus on where our food comes from, ethical farming practices, and the shifting of attitudes on the cultivation of once illegal crops like hemp. Agricultural law can be difficult to navigate and requires an attorney that is just as committed to your rights and livelihood as you are.

The legal professionals at King, Love, Hupfer & Nance are ready to go to work righting the wrongs you've experienced when it comes to defective agricultural products and insurance companies. We can also help you navigate the always changing legal landscape of agriculture to pursue new opportunities and grow your possibilities.

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